Triple Nickel Pub

3646 Southeast Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97214-4326
(503) 234-7215

Read Lucas’ comment below for the scoop

3 Responses to “Triple Nickel Pub”

  1. Lucas says:

    Triple Nickel is a TA-friendly pub with 4 HDTVs, a couple of what in my day we called “TV sets” (i.e., roundish screen), and one old timey antique flatscreen. Also some decent taps (the number of which is currently truncated to about 6 due to walk-in cooler issues) and legendarily strong pours of liquor that will not wage war on your wallet.

    TA MLS Thursday nights have been held here for a couple years now. Triple Nickel recently made the switch from DirecTV to Comcast and as of right now I don’t know which soccer channels they do or don’t get; once I get a better idea what channels they have I’ll post them here

    Darts x4, Pool x4, Juke, TA scarf over the door, love.

  2. Lucas says:

    I have confirmed that Trip Nick currently HAS GolTV and DOES NOT HAVE FSC. I’ll work on them.

    For now it’s a great place to watch MLS Thursdays – we had about a dozen in there last week for the opener and there’s a double-header this week. Fun tines!

  3. Lucas says:

    Update: The TV issue remains the same (GolTV yes, FSC no…for now), but the scarf is now over the bar. The old timey flatscreen is now used for Wii only; they also have giant jenga (it’s loud when it falls). The drinks remain just as strong, and now you can get happy hour prices all the time with your 107ist card.

    I’ve watched one Timbers game in there this season (@ Revolution) and we had a good crowd on a Saturday evening. MLS Thursdays remain intact.